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Dispatch 2 and Stainless 2 are typefaces from Cyrus Highsmith & Occupant Fonts.

Highsmith drew Dispatch in his search for an industrial-grade slab serif to serve as text and display. It’s a taut amalgam of letterforms found in typescript, on engineering blueprints, and shipping labels. Use it for heavy commercial lifting.

Stainless was originally derived from Dispatch. It began as a simple experiment but evolved into its own series. It’s been used in headlines and pull quotes in publications around the world from Señor Futbol to the Wall Street Journal.

Dispatch 2 and Stainless 2 are a complete overhaul of the original series featuring more weights, widths, extended language support, and, at long last, italics. They are available in the standard opentype format or as variable fonts from Type Network.

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